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Improving Organizational Performance

by Walter Kaltenbach, CEO.

         Able Health Care is an organization dedicated to providing home health and community based services which enhance quality of life for clients and their families. In keeping with the mission of our organization, we strive to be a provider of quality services. In September of 2000, I formulated a company wide Performance Improvement Plan. Our Performance Improvement program encompasses those activities and processes required to continuously improve patient / client care, organizational systems and processes to achieve positive outcomes.

The goals and objectives of the plan are to:

*  Ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations as well as JCAHO                            accreditation standards.
*  Monitor and evaluate compliance with company minimum standards, policies and           
*  Improve processes which are not only related to patient care but to service and satisfaction            as well.
*  To involve all levels of staff in the improvement process and ensure that the improvement
     process is communicated accurately.
*  Persue opportunities to improve all processes and important functions.
*  Ensure that quality care is provided in all areas of services.

Performance Improvement Committee / Responsibilities:
Each branch office has formulated a “PI” committee. The committee meets a minimum of four times per year to identify, screen, evaluate and improve key agency funtions. Indicators have been developed company wide to monitor organization performance of important aspects of care, process and funtions. These indicators focus on quality as it pertains to the delivery of patient care or organizational systems or processes. The PI committee reviews and analyzes the findings of their tracking.

Corporate Performance Improvement Committee:
A Corporate PI committee meets a minimum of four times per year to benchmark and identify company wide trends and recomendations for improvement. In addition, the committee reviews the results of our “PI Indicators” (study areas) to evaluate quality of our service delivery. Recommendations for action e.g. policy or procedure changes / clarification, inservice education will be made and implemented. The committee conducts root cause analysis of all risk management trends. The committee also ensures that all local, state and federal regulations are adhered to in regard to reportable incidents. Our Corporate PI Committee is composed of a wonderful variety of professionals who have unique expertise and interest in the home care industry. In addition to our in-house committee members Able Health Care Service is privileged to have committee members who are representatives from the following health care organizations:

Visiting Nurse Service of New York
Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island
Visiting Nurse Regional Health Care System
Hospice Care Network
South Nassau Home Health Agency
Winthrop Hospital Home Health Agency
United Presbyterian Long Term
North Shore - Long Island Jewish Home Care Network
New York Hospital Queens Home Health Agency
St. Johnland Long Term Program
Health Partners
Long Beach Memorial Hospital Home Health Agency
Association for the advancement of Blind & Retarded

Able Health Care Service is confident that the invaluable contributions from our dynamic “PI Committee” and employees will ensure that our practices and service delivery are met with the utmost compassion and quality.

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