Health Tips for Friends and Family

Preventing Falls

  1. Have a light switch installed at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  2. Make certain that you have securely fastened railing on both sides of the    stairs.
  3. Keep your stairs free of clutter.
  4. Make certain that carpeting on the stairs is well secured and free of tears or frayed edges.
  5. Make sure all telephone and electrical cords are out of the walkways.
  6. Remove magazines, newspapers, toys and other clutter from walkways.
  7. Have your vision and hearing tested regularly

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    . The better your senses function, the better your ability to avoid falling.

  8. Keep nighttime temperatures in the home above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A low body temperature can lead to dizziness as well as other health concerns.
  9. Limit or avoid the use of Alcohol.
  10. Keep walking devices within reach at your bedside.
  11. Remove throw rugs from the house.
  12. Be cautious with pets that may sleep on the stairs or bump into you while you are on the stairs.
  13. Wear proper footwear at all times.