In Your Home

Able Health Care provides a variety of therapeutic services at your home to help improve optimal functioning, including:


Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists help individuals maximize their ability to live active, healthy lives. These movement experts provide individualized care and patient education. They treat individuals at all stages of life for multiple needs due to disabilities, injuries and many other health ailments and conditions. Able’s physical therapists bring their profound expertise to your home—developing individual treatments plans to help manage pain and restore optimal function.


Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists are the keystone to helping people adapt over the course of a lifespan. Able’s occupational therapists thoroughly evaluate individual needs and create interventional care plans in alignment with present abilities; will identify opportunities for improvement with goal achieving strategies—all in the comfort of your home.

Speech Therapists

Speech-Language Pathologists, commonly referred to as Speech Therapists, are communication experts. They work with all populations to treat the complexities of communication and swallowing difficulties, including speech sounds, language barriers, social communication, cognitive communication, voice sounds, fluency or stuttering, feeding and swallowing. Able’s Speech Therapists are skilled in the latest speech-language treatment modalities and will bring their expertise directly to your home.


Medical Social Workers

Medical Social Workers are dynamic clinicians that meet the complex needs of patients. They are skilled in providing emotional support, can help navigate difficult financial and social complications, and provide referrals to community resources. Able’s social workers are committed to assisting patients and their families with difficult life transitions due to sudden or chronic illness.



Healthy living is the foundation to quality of life and our nutritionists are readily available to provide dietary counseling and nutritional education. Together with registered nurses, Able’s nutritionists complete patient assessments to identify nutritional deficiencies. They work in tandem to create personalized meal plans to improve nutritional intake and reduce the risk for other health issues.