All Therapy services focus on improving the patient’s present level of functioning.

Physical Therapists

Provide activities to increase strength and endurance. These services may include; gait training using assistive devices, therapeutic exercises designed to strengthen and improve joint range of motion or to prevent joint contractures due to muscular disease, etc.

Occupational Therapists

Provide activities to regain skills and/or provide instruction on adaptations for the patient. Their services may include evaluation of the patient’s functional abilities, teaching activities of daily living to improve patient’s level of independence, etc.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Evaluate patient’s ability to swallow and communicate (hear, speak, understand and write) and develop plans to improve abilities. Speech therapy services provide training on improving oral motor control and Functioning.

Medical Social Workers

Provide referrals to community resources and assistance to patients and/or family coping with lifestyle changes created by illness.


Provide dietary counseling for patients who are assessed at risk for nutritional deficiencies. They assist the Registered Nurse in the assessment and care of patients who have complex nutritional needs.